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marți, 7 ianuarie 2014

The realm of Vârciorova

On Saturday December 14, 2013 we were on Plaiul Varciorova. All the trips we do are beautiful, but this one was a new experience, I experienced the phenomenon called "thermal inversion". As Wikipedia says, in meteorology, an inversion is a deviation from the normal change of an atmospheric property with altitude. Under certain conditions, the normal vertical temperature gradient is inverted such that the air is colder near the surface of the Earth. This can occur when, for example, a warmer, less-dense air mass moves over a cooler, denser air mass.  With sufficient humidity in the cooler layer, fog is typically present below the inversion cap.
When I started in the morning from Vârciorova village (Caras-Severin, Romania), outside was cold and everything was frozen.
At the end of the village, a mansion that time forgot…
We leave the valley of the Bolvaşnita river and climb in a serpentine on a cart road. It's ice on the road and it's ticking in trees. We follow the trail marked with a blue dot: Vârciorova – Saua Tisului – Culmea Pleasa – Poiana Strigoniu – Cuntu, route that should take 6 hours in normal conditions.
Arrived in the Land of Fairy Tales.
How high will we have to climb until we see the sun?
We are entering the fog and after a while there is the sun and the much desired ...
The round and pale sun is looking through the fog.
Fog is scattered…
Here we make a stop to eat and tell us a little. In Poiana Fântânele there is a spring.

It's hard to move forward through deep snow, we're going one by one to open the path.

Tarcu Mountains is seen through the trees.

Getting close to the Cucuiul Fântânelor, it must be one of the peaks of Plaiul Vârciorovei.
Here we decide to go back on the same route, or is catching us the night on the road and as the wise word says, Winter is not like summer. 
A group photo and …
...we jump in the valley.

Beyond the Valley of Timis is seen the Semenic Mountains.
We descend into the sea of ​​clouds, again …
For the first time we get back on the same route and arrive in the village at nightfall, after more than 9 hours away.

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